Flow Meter TOKICO

Jual Flow Meter Tokico 1 Inch Flow meters with a wide variety of uses in oil refineries, depots and other places.


Positive displacement flow meter

Connection Size25mm (1B) – 100mm (4B)
Applicable fluidsPetroleum, etc.
Precision Accuracy±0.5%RD or ±0.2%RD
Measurement range0.01 – 160㎥/h
Fluid viscosityMax150,000mPa/s
Fluid temperature-5°C to 150°C
Maximum operating pressure2.5MPa
MaterialBody – FC250, FCD400, SCPH2
Rotor: FC200, AC7A or ADC, PPS resin
Piping installationHorizontal or vertical pipes


Spesification Jual Flow Meter Tokico 1 Inch :
Size DN:50 mm (2″)
Type:FRO 0541-04X (Reset)- 7 digits
Max.Flowrate:15 000 l/h
Max.Pressure:10 Bar
Material Body:Cast Iron
Connection:Flange JIS 10K
Flow Range
Dia 50 (2″) – FRO 541 – 04X
– Kerosene, Light Oil (1,2~3cP):1,500~13,000 l/hour
– Heavy Oil (10cP~):250~15,000 l/hour
– B,C Heavy Oil (50cP~300cP):100~15,000 l/hour


Jual Flow Meter Tokico 2 Inch