Water Meter Powogaz 2,5 Inch


Water Meter Powogaz 2,5 Inch Propeller water meters construction can be divided to: body, measurement mechanism and counting mechanism. The water flow activates the impeller mounted in a measuring mechanism.

The rotor is positioned coaxially or perpendicular (vertical) to the duct system of the body and through the screw-worm wheel drives the magnet located on the axis. Through the magnetic coupling the water volume is shown on the counting mechanism.

Measurement of high cold water consumption up to 30°C or 50°C and hot water up to 130°C, MOP 16 bar (PN16). For installation in horizontal piping with the counter upward (H), in vertical piping with the counter sideways (V), or in sloping piping (H/V). The standard versions of type MWN feature 6-barrel counters (IP66; optionally available with IP68) and powder-coated cast-iron bodies. The water meters are designed for operation in AMR systems


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