Water Meter Kuningan SHM 1/2 Inch



Water Meter Kuningan SHM 1/2 Inch

SHM multi jet brass flow meters : analog/mechanial flow meter for clean water are
made from brass material and internal measuring component made from modern
thermoplastic material

SHM multi jet brass flow meters can be used for :
– Irrigation,cooling system, filtration system, water monitoring, residentials, etc.

FEATURES Water Meter Kuningan SHM 1/2 Inch :
– Multi jet, dry dial, turbine type.
– Magnetic drive realible charatecristic, long working life.Pulse output optional
– Vacuum sealed register ensures the dial keep free from fog and frost,
keep the reading clear in a long term service.
– Working Temperature 0.1-50 °C for cold water and 0.1-90 °C for hot water
– Water pressure </ = 1.0 mpa or 1.6 mpa.
– Protection grade : ip 68.
– Maximum permissible Error :

(1) In the lower zone from q-min inclusive up to but excluding qt is +/-5%
(2) In the upper zone from qt inclusive up to qs is+/-2%.for hot water meter +/-3%
– ISO 9001 & ISO 4064
– Warranty 2 years (full services & spare parts)


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