Water Meter ITRON 4 Inch


Water Meter ITRON 4 Inch

Woltex M is a horizontal Woltmann meter available as MID approved in sizes from DN 50 to 300mm. Recognized for its robustness the woltex M range is dedicated to all applications around water distribution where high reliability and accuracy is requested


»Sensitivity class U0D0

»Hermetically sealed register (copper can/mineral glass envelope)

»Approved interchangeable mechanisms allow maintenance of on-site existing bodies, with preserved CE marking on the whole instrument according to the provisions of 2014/32/EU Directive.

»Pre-equipped through Cyble as a standard»Excellent resistance to corrosion with 300 microns expoxy coating


  • Reliability of the MeasurementWoltex is ensuring accurate and reliable data collection in a large scope of fl ow-rates typical of water network applications.
  • nsensitivity to fl ow perturbationThe design of Woltex M range has been improved to achieve the sensitivity class U0D0, thanks to a new integrated stabilizer.
  • Endurance & Peak Flow ResistanceThis extended range of measurement is the result of more than twenty years experience in Horizontal Woltmann design, from the fi rst hydrodynamically balanced helix patent in 1985 still resulting in unmatched endurance capabilities to the use of high quality materials.
  • Ease of Installation, Read and Maintenance Woltex M range is available in various lengths and connections to minimize installation costs. Interchangeable approved mechanisms allows easy maintenance without re-calibration. Ease of read in the toughest environments (ie: fl ooded pits) is secured by orientable hermetically sealed register (copper can/mineral glass envelope).
  • Communication DevicePre-equipped for future communication through Cyble



Ukuran : 4 inch DN 100 mm
Conection : Horizontal/Vertical
Material : Cast Iron
Class : B


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