Portable Eye Wash HAWS 7500




  • Portable Eye Wash HAWS 7500 FDA approved high-density green polyethylene tankprovides the light and durable construction required in aportable unit.



  • J-shaped stainless steel wall bracket makes for a wellconstructed portable mount for easy removal andre-mount


  • Pulling down the eyewash arm will begin flushing the 16gallon portable at .4 gpm (1.5 L) during the required 15minutes, creating a full patterned flushing of the eyes.


  • Tank comes complete with a wide-fill opening andthreaded cap for quick inspection, cleaning, and filling.Unit also comes equipped with top and side handlesmaking relocation easy.


SPESIFICATION Portable Eye Wash HAWS 7500 :

Model 7500 portable gravity operated eyewash shall includea FDA approved high-density green polyethylene 16 gallon(60.6 L) tank, ABS plastic eyewash heads with .4 gpm (1.5 L)flow rate over 15 minutes, yellow pull-down activation arm,integral handles on top and sides, wide-fill threaded cap,label-mounted operation and maintenance instructions, anda stainless steel wall bracket. Additive not included – Orderseparately.



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