Specification and Application

Pompa ROTOR ZPG 4 gear pumps are designed for pumping and conveying thin and dense liquids at low operation pressure of up to 6 kg/sq.cm

and of up to 80C temperature, having lubricating abilities and not containing fractions of solid or abrasive substances or impuritiesApplicationThe ZPG rotary gear pump are intended for pumping and handling of lubricating and engine oils, fuel, kerosene, edible fats and oils, suds, molasses, tar, varnishes, syrups, lyes,

water glass and other viscous self-lubricating liquids in different industries.They are suitable alsa for lubricating and cooling system of different machines and installations (machine tools, combustion engines, etc), for low pressure drives and various other pusposes.


Rotor Pump ZPG Flow Rated
20 ~ 273 ltr/min
Total Head
2 ~ 6 kg/cm�
0.33 ~ 4.5 kw
Liquid Temperature
TypeRated FlowTotal HeadMax +80�C
ZPG 4892 ~ 6Speed
ZPG 51322 ~ 6280 ~ 930 rpm
ZPG 61852 ~ 6
ZPG 72402 ~ 6
ZPG 84352 ~ 6
ZPG 95502 ~ 6
ZPG 109852 ~ 6


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