Mesin Las Plastik Leister Triac S

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Temperature°C40 – 700
Size (L x ∅)mm338 × 90
Handle ∅mm56
Conformity markCE Certification
Approval markSicherheitszeichen-S-+
Protection class IIProtectionClass II
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Mesin Las Plastik Leister Triac S

Leister Triac S Almost every motor vehicle built today has components made froma variety of plastics.

Bumpers, grilles, spoilers, light, surrounds andeven complete body panels enable designers to enhance aerodyna-mic styling and cosmetic appeal while retaining impact resistanceand eliminating corrosion.

Plastic offers the structural strength of steel by virtue of its greaterelasticity.

Minor impacts that could deform steel beyond repair canbe absorbed by plastic. Where damage is incurred it is capable ofrepair by welding with no loss of component strength.

Cracks, splits, warping and even the loss of material can be remediedwith the aid of the Leister TRIAC PID and TRIAC S hot-air weldingequipments.

Where a steel component, with the equivalent damage,would be renewed at some cost, the repair of the plastic part cansave time and expense, particularly when winter accident periodsmake great demands of the repairer’s parts stock.

Welding plastics does not produce fumes when the correct procedureis followed. A plastic component can be quickly restored to an ‘asnew’ condition without the need for fillers or special treatments.

Thecombination of welding and the recommended repaint procedures willshow no trace of a repair that should last the life of the vehicle.


Leister Triac S Method

  • Fit the appropriate welding nozzle for the selected welding rod to the Leister TRIAC S hot-air tool
  • Set the welding temperature on the rotary control according to thewelding rod material to be employed in the test (see table on page 4).Allow the tool to attain the operating temperature.
  • Scrape the surface in the area of the test to remove any contami-nation.
  • Feed the welding rod through the nozzle and into the contact with thesurface of the component.
  • Following the technique described in Main Welding operations, weld 2 cm of the test rod to the surface of the component.
  • Remove the welding tool from the rod and then cut the rod approxi-mately 2 cm from the component surface.
  • Allow the weld to cool and then try to pull the rod from the surface ofthe component. If it can be pulled from the component repeat the testwith a different rod. If it stays firmly in place the component plastic hasbeen positively identified.


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