Water Hammer Arrester I Style Z Tide



Water Hammer Arrester :


Water Hammer Arrester I Style Z Tide are used to absorb the shock when water flowing in a piping system suddenly stops due to fast closing shutoff valves, dishwashers, and clothes washers. This action protects against annoying and potentially damaging effects of water hammer.


Features Water hammer arrester :

◆ Patent Design.

◆ Protect pipelines from water hammer effect.

◆ Decrease back flow pressure by buffering/absorb such pressure.

◆ Airbag design – respond to water hammer effect quickly.

◆ Absorb water hammer directly.

◆ Adjustable Air bag pressure.

◆ Convenient in-style mounts either horizontally or vertically.

◆ Easy maintenance, maintenance kits are available upon request.



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