Jual SCBA MSA AirXpress 2 Fire


Jual SCBA MSA AirXpress 2 Fire


Features & Benefits

  • Customizable configurations serve various application
  • Rugged and reliable – EN 137 approval
  • Simplicity – ease of use and maintenance (no electronics)
  • Ergonomic backplate design
  • AX demand valve provides increased flow rate and better    maintained pressure
  • State-of-the-art pressure reducer requires only minimal   maintenance
  • Warning signal for added safety
  • Harness zippers for easy switching of pressure gauge and   demand valve
  • Chest strap prevents any slipping of shoulder harness
  • Demand valve with Plug & Breathe connection for   automatic activation at first breath and automatic   switch-off at disconnect
  • Pressure gauge with rubber cap for increased protection   against shock and impact

• Firefighting
• Rescue Operations
• Escape Scenarios
• Confined Space Entry
• Search & Rescue
• IDLH Scenarios


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