Jual Moisture Meter BES BOLLMANN Combo 100K Master



Description :

Jual Moisture Meter BES BOLLMANN Combo 100K Masterare named the Master series. A series with a mission; the new standard in terms of technique, accuracy and versatility for measuring timber and construction moisture. The Combo 100K is the entry level model especially for measuring timber in this series and may not be the smallest suitcase, but very compact and one where professionals can work effectively with it. We love it.

How does it works? First, simple and pleasant. The membrane keyboard has symbol keys and is therefore easy to operate. A moisture meter for four groups of woods and timber. Second, innovative and accurate. The high-tech microprocessor compensates for the timber moisture measurement with temperature corrections of 0.5 ° C, will automatically turn itself off when the device is not used for a long time, and is FMPA-approved. If that’s not a smart combination.

The difference with the Combo 100 B of the Master series? The basic functions of the moisture meter are equal, but this case contains a sliding hammer instead of a double needle probe for measuring construction moisture.


Spesification Jual Moisture Meter BES BOLLMANN Combo 100K Master :

UniqueA versatile moisture meter with the master tag
MaterialImpact resistant plastic housing
Ideal forTimber moisture
Format180 x 78 x 27 mm
Weight240 grams
ExtraSupplied in a case with a sliding hammer for timber


Length electrodes60 mm
Range wood moisture4% – 102%
Wood accuracy0,1%
Temperature measuring range-10% – 110% (with optional probes)
Ambient temperature0 – 40 °C
Temperature correctionYes
Data holdNo
Battery9-V-block battery/IEC 6F 22
Warranty12 months
FMPA approvalYes

Grain Moisture Meter G-WON GMK303RS


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