Jual Flow Meter Gas ITRON ACD G 1.6

Klick Katalog : ACD G10 G16 English



Jual Flow Meter Gas is Itron’s latest generation residential diaphragm meterdesigned to meet the needs of fast growing gas markets worldwide. It combines accuracy and durability in a highly compact casing. Through our proven know-how in gas measurement, combined withthe use of modern engineering and production techniques, Itron hasdeveloped this compact, robust and highly accurate meter, ensuring reduced shipping costs, easier handling and simplified installation.



  • Ready for remote reading and data management
  • Ultra-compact design»Long-term accuracy and reliability
  • Robust, maintenance-free meter
  • High resistance to corrosion


Jual Flow Meter Gas residential diaphragm gas meter is typically used for cooking and hot water heating applications requiring accuracy at low to medium gas flow rates. It is designed for use with natural gas, LPG and all non-corrosive gases.



The movement of the diaphragm is caused by the pressure difference between the inlet and the outlet of the meter. The reciprocal fi lling is controlled by means of two sliding valves.This oscillating movement is transformed into a rotational one and is mechanically transmitted to the totalizer through a magnetic coupling or a stuffi ng box.


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