Jual Electric Drum Pump Flo Rite SB-6-SS


Jual Electric Drum Pump Flo Rite SB-6-SS Our electric barrel pumps are widely accepted for handling highly fluid and medium viscous liquids. They are designed for both portable and stationary use and hence are ideal for industries like pharmaceuticals, cosmetics, food, breweries, distilleries, etc. The versatility, portability & sophisticated yet simple engineering design ensures efficient and reliable operations.

Applications Jual Electric Drum Pump Flo Rite SB-6-SS :

  • Production – Lubricants, solvents, electroplating solutions, pickling agents, degreasing solutions, quenching oils, cutting oils, white spirit, thinners, decanting barrels, filling overhead tanks, acids, toxic chemicals, paints, essential oils
  • Maintenance – LDO, HSD, machine oils, hydraulic oil, thermic fluids, transformer oil, effluent treatment chemicals, coolants, dewatering pits
  • Pharmaceuticals – Solvents, emulsifiers, oils, syrup bases, suspensions, surfactants, polyols
  • Cosmetics – Dispersing agents, solvents, essential oils, jelling agents, perfumes, base oils
  • Food – Edible oils, juices, preservatives, syrup bases, milk, anti-oxidizing agents, colour concentrates
  • Breweries & distilleries – Alcohols, beer, preservatives, wine, stabilizing agents, masking agents​.




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