Flow Meter TOKICO FGBB423BAL-02X Size 1/2 Inch Non Reset

Flow Meter TOKICO FGBB423BAL-02X Size 1/2 Inch Non Reset


 Measurable Fluids
 Gasoline, Kerosene,Light
 Oil,Heavy Oil & Crude Oil
 Accuracy ±0.5%
 Flow Range
 Karosene, Light Oil
 10 ~ 200 l/h
 Flow Range
 Heavy Oil
 5 ~ 200 l/h
 Max. Operating
 10 Kgf/cm²
 Hydraulic Test Pressure 20 Kgf/cm²
 Max. Temperature
 Heavy Oil
 Flange Rating JIS 10 Kgf/cm²
 Counter Unit
 Integrating Pointer and
 Integrating Counter
 Body Material Cast Iron
Klick Katalog : Tokico P.D. Oil Flowmeter (New)
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Flow Meter TOKICO FGBB423BAL-02X Tokico Flow Meter has a long history of producing high quality fl ow meters since 1950 in the fuel measurement fi eld. Our fl owmeters are used in a wide variety of applications including measuring of boiler fuel oil and diesel oil, as well as for transactions for kerosene, light oil and heavy oil. We have been serving numerous customers with accurate, compact, and excellent durability fl owmeters.

Features :

● High accuracy : Accuracy is within ±0.5% Fluid is directly measured by gear or roots, enabling accurate measuring.

● Max Working Pressure : 1MPa or 10 Bar

● Hydraulic Test Pressure : 2MPa or 20 Bar

● Compact design : The fl owmeter is compactly designed, yet the indicator is easy to read.

● Excellent durability : Simple structure enables long term durability with virtually no degradation of accuracy.

Flow Meter TOKICO FGBB423BAL-02X Caution for Flow Meter tokico Piping Installatio

(1) Dirt and particles inside the piping cause problem to the flowmeter. Take special care when installing to new piping, since new piping may have welding debris.

(2) A strainer must be installed at the up-stream of the flowmeter, as shown in below figure. This is to prevent the problem stated in (1) above. Also, prepare a by-pass line for the convenience of flowmeter disassembly and maintenance.

(3) Indicator must be installed at eye level and must not face upwards.

(4) Make sure to align actual flow direction with flowmeter’s flow direction.

(5) Use the flowmeter within the specification written on the name plate


Tokico Flow Meter 1 1/2 Inch FRO0438-02X (Reset Counter)



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