Flow Meter Solar Macnaught F040


Flow Meter Solar Macnaught F040 Flow Meter Solar Macnaught F040 PLEASE READ THIS SAFTEY INFORMATION CAREFULLY BEFORE USE.

Read and retain this instruction manual to assist you in the operation and maintenance of this product.

If you have any problems with the meter, refer to the maintenance and trouble shooting sections of this manual.This manual contains connection and operating in-structions for meters with Pulse outputs.

Models with a Liquid Crystal Display have an addi-tional LCD instruction manual supplied.

If you need further assistance, contact your local representative or distributor for advice.


Spesification Flow Meter Solar Macnaught F040 :

Model : F040-3S4

Flow Range : 10-250 LPM

Max.Pressure : 1800 KAP/ 18Bar

Temperature : 80 Derajat

Size : 1 inch (25mm)


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