Flow Meter Aqua Metro vzo 50



  • Flow Meter Aqua Metro vzo 50 Flow measurement of mineral oils such as heating or propellant fuels
  • In burners, on board ships, land vehicles and fixed installations
  • Marine and metrological type approvals (optional

Features Flow Meter Aqua Metro vzo 50 :

  • The complete range of products offering the best so-lutions for the measurement of oil consumption
  • State-of-the-art design with electronic counter, flow indication, analogue and digital output signals and limiting value switch
  • Mounting on the pressure or suction side of a pump,with no straight inlets or outlets required
  • Independent of viscosity and temperature
  • High vibration resistance
  • Classical version with mechanical display

Your benefits

  • The reliable solution with everything from a single supplier
  • Reliable monitoring and flexible control of the sy-stem. Simplifies burner settings and optimising consumption
  • Highly flexible mounting with very small space re-quirements
  • Accurate measurements
  • Maximum safety in the shipbuilding and automobile industries
  • Cost-effective metering point
TypeVZO 15VZO 20VZO 25VZO 40VZO 50
Nominal diameterDNmm












Installation lengthmm165165190300350
Nominal pressure with threaded ends        PNbar16
with flangesPNbar25, 40
Maximum temperatureTmax° C130, 180
Maximum flow rateQmax 3)l/ h60015003 0009 00030 000
Nominal flow rateQcont 3)l/ h40010002 0006 00020 000
Minimal flow rateQminl/ h10 4)3075225750
Approx. starting flow ratel/ h4123090300
Max. permissible error


±1 % of actual value

±0.2 %

Safety filter mesh sizemm0.4000.4000.4000.8000.800
Dirt filter mesh sizemm0.2500.4000.4000.6000.600
Volume of the measuring chamberapprox. cm312361003301200
Housing finishenamelled red RAL 3013
Weight with threaded ends 5)approx. kg2.
with flanges PN 25approx. kg3.84.57.520.341.0
with flanges PN 40approx. kg4.45.57.820.542.0
Smallest readable amountl0.
Registration capacitym3100010 00010 00010 000100 000
Registration time at Qcont until overrunning to zeroh250010 000500016675 000
Pulse values of pulsers:
IN inductive according to IEC 60947-5-6l/ pulse0.
RV Reedl/ pulse0.111110
RV Reedl/ pulse110100
Pulse frequency INat QmaxHz16.66741.6678.33325.0008.333
at QminHz0.2780.8330.2080.6250.208

Flow Meter Aqua Metro vzo 25


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