Applications• Flow measurement of mineral oils such as heating or propellant fuels• In burners, on board ships, land vehicles and fixed installations• Marine and metrological type approvals (optional)

Features• The complete range of products offering the best so-lutions for the measurement of oil consumption • State-of-the-art design with electronic counter, flow indication, analogue and digital output signals and limiting value switch• Mounting on the pressure or suction side of a pump,with no straight inlets or outlets required• Independent of viscosity and temperature• High vibration resistance• Classical version with mechanical display

Your benefits• The reliable solution with everything from a single supplier• Reliable monitoring and flexible control of the sy-stem. Simplifies burner settings and optimising consumption• Highly flexible mounting with very small space re-quirements • Accurate measurements• Maximum safety in the shipbuilding and automobile industries• Cost-effective metering poin

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